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Production of springs for rail vehicles

We manufacture leaf springs and parabolic springs to drawings or samples for railway vehicles, freight cars and locomotives. The springs are manufactured in compliance with applicable standards such as DIN 14200 or in accordance with the specifications of the relevant UIC sheets. Generally, forged spring bands are used. Should this not be possible for special springs, then we use spring bands produced as a single piece. Here, once again, the quality is tested and approved in advance using UIC 821-compliant expansion testing.

In most instances, ribbed spring steel according to DIN 1570 is used for leaf springs, in dimensions 90x13, 90x16 and 120x16. But there are also many springs, particularly for narrow gauge applications, with smaller dimensions. Here there is often no possibility of sourcing the required dimensions in ribbed spring steel. In such cases, we manufacture the springs - in agreement with the customer – using flat spring steel with an inset end-rib. Thanks to our extensive store of materials, we can locate practically all dimensions of spring required immediately.

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On UIC821 expanded Spring collar