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Leaf springs and parabolic springs

for trucks, semitrailers, trailers, cars, pick-ups, classic cars, carriages and many more

Today, it’s really no easy matter deciding which the right spring to use is. In the past, if you heard “W50 tip truck rear spring” it was straightforward – there was only one possible spring…. but nowadays, if someone says they need a rear spring, e.g. for a Mercedes tip truck, the hunt is on!

We identify the springs and parts clearly using the vehicle ID numbers, code numbers or the type descriptions (depending on the vehicle in question). This means we give you the security of knowing that you are getting the right parts – the parts the manufacturer documentation says are fitted. If you happen to know the original part number for the spring you need, that is no problem for us either. We convert the original numbers to the spare part numbers, if the springs are already available on the spare parts market.

In our extensive store of springs, we maintain a stock of close on 1,000 various springs and spring layers for the widest range of uses.

The selection ranges from leaf springs for cars such as SUZUKI, MAZDA or MITSUBISHI to numerous truck springs for e.g. MAN, IVECO, SCANIA, VOLVO, BPW, SAF, ROR, and MERCEDES, through to springs for older vehicles such as the W50, L60, ROBUR, BMW-PKW, HW80, HW60, THK5, FALKE, and many more.

For many of these springs, we also maintain stocks of individual layers for repair, since you do not always need to replace the entire spring unit if a single spring layer is broken.

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