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Measuring sheet leaf springs

Legend :

L1 + L2 = streched length, center eye - center eye, or end of spring
L3 = span
S = deflection
B = material width
P = packed strength (summary of all, and maybe plates)
Herzb. = centre pin (length will be measured only pole without head, head measure extra)

We need theese details to produce the spring to 100% at customer option.

Form der Feder *:

Shape of Trailer leaf springs Overview Trailer leaf springs
Axle producer for trailers
Daf Overview DAF leaf springs
Iveco Overview Iveco leaf springs
MAN Overview MAN leaf springs
Mercedes Overview Mercedes leaf springs
Scania Overview Scania leaf springs
Volvo Overview Volvo leaf springs
Vehicle producer * (e.g. MAN)
Type* (e.g. 18.122F)
Vehicle ID
Front axle
Rear axle

Measurements :

Number of eyes : L1 *:
Number of plies *: L2 *:
S : L3 :
Strength of the single leaves : P *:
B *:
Centre pin ø : Length without head :
Head ø : Height of head :
Number : all data in mm


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