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Measuring sheet compression Springs

Legend :

*Mandatory! The rest only if its know.

d* = Wire diameter
Da* = outside diameter
Dm = middle diameter
Dk = diameter guide piston
Dh = diameter guide bush
e1 = Deviation of the sheaths line from the vertical
e2 = Parallelism deviation of the ground spring
L0 = unloaded height
F1, L1, s1 = The force associated with spring length and spring pitch
Fblock, Lblock, sblock = Spring force associated with block dimension to spring length and spring pitch
n = Number of spring coils
nt = Number of cumulative spring coils

We need theese details to produce the spring to 100% at customer option.

Design of the ends*:

Both ends clunged Both ends clunged and abraded

Measurements :

d*= mm e1= mm
e2= mm L0*= mm
Da*= mm Dm= mm
Dk= mm Dh= mm
n= F1= mm
L1= mm s1= mm
nt*= Fblock=
Lblock= sblock=
Material: Surface*:
Winding dir.*: Quantity*:


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