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Spare parts for Trucks, cars, trailers

Our assortment includes a wide range of parts for the following areas:

Axes and drives:

  • Complete axes for BPW and SAF,
  • Axle mounting parts for all current manufacturers (BPW, SAF, Gigant, SMB etc.),
  • Axle stubs BPW,
  • Drive Shafts,


  • Brake discs and Brark drums for Trucks and Cars,
  • Brake pads and Brake blocks for Trucks and Cars,
  • Wear indicators for Trucks and Cars,
  • Slack adjuster, Brake cylinders, Valves,
  • Quick Connector, Air lines, Air coil and coupling heads,
  • Air dryer, Air dryer cartridge etc.

Elektric, Lamps and Accessories:

  • Lamps, Lights, Spotlights, Cables, Fuses, Battery terminals, etc.
  • Light panes, Spare glasses,
  • Alternators,
  • Starter batteries,

Suspension parts:

  • Leaf- and Parabolic Springs for Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Semitrailers, OffRoad, Vintage cars, etc.
  • Spring bushings, Spring pins, Heart pins, Shims, etc.
  • Hanging Springs, Spring shoes, Sliding shoes, sliding blocks,
  • Tires, Wheels, Rims,
  • Wheel bearings, Ball bearings, Conical roller bearings,
  • Wheel studs and nuts,
  • Shock absorbers and accessories,
  • Air Spring bags and accessories,

Engine and Exhaust system:

  • Spark plugs, Glow plugs, Water pump, Starter, Fan belt, Timing belt,
  • Air filters, Oil filters, Fuel filters,
  • Exhaust systems, Mufflers, Clamps and mounting hardware for Trucks and Cars,

Vehicle and Trailer parts, Attachments Chassis:

  • Underride protection, Aluminum profiles in different versions,
  • Printing plates, metal plates (steel, aluminum, tear sheets etc.),
  • Side panels, Hinges, Flap hooks, Steel cables and Thimbles,
  • Mirrors, Mirror glass heated and unheated,
  • Body panels, Fenders, Doors etc.,
  • Mud flaps, Rear aprons,
  • Drawbars, drawbar Eyes, Bushings,
  • Trailer couplings and Spare parts,

Standard Parts:

  • Screws of all kinds, Nuts, Bolts, Threaded rods,
  • Countersunk rivets, round head rivets, blind rivets, Hollow Rivet for brake pads etc.,
  • Cotter pins, Body washers, Plain washers, Hose clamps, etc.,


  • Washer antifreeze, Antifreeze, detergents additives summer,
  • Motor oils, Transmission fluid, Steering fluid, Brake fluid,
  • AdBlue various containers up to 1000 liters IBC and Pump,
  • Metal adhesives, Contact spray, Brake cleaner, Grease cartridges, WD40, etc.,
  • Hand cleaner, hand creams, dispensing systems, wall mount,

Workshop equipment:

  • Tools, Tool kits, Tool trolleys,
  • Impact wrenches, screwdrivers, power connector inserts, wheel spiders etc.,
  • Pallet truck, Hydraulic lifts for Cars,
  • Welding machines, Welding wire etc.,
  • Battery maintenance equipment, Battery chargers, Air conditioning equipment,
  • Multimeter, Multipurpose test equipment,
  • Reifenmontiermaschinen, Radwuchtmaschinen,

Load restraint, General safety:

  • Lashing, Lashing rings, Nets, Chains and Accessories,
  • Anti-slide mat,
  • Reflective vests, First aid kits, Warning triangles,
  • Fire extinguishers and equipment, Hazardous materials case,

We supply spare parts for:

Ackermann, Arvin Meritor, BPW, Gigant, Goldhofer, Grau, Haldex, Hüffermann, IFA L60, IFA W50, IVECO, Knorr, Kögel, Langendorf, Liaz, MAN, Mercedes, Multicar, Robur, Rockinger, ROR, SAF, SCANIA, SMB, Tatra, Trabant, VOLVO, Wabco, Wartburg and many more.

If the part you need or the manufacturer is not listed here, call us. This overview is intended to represent only a sample of our capabilities. Because the ranges are very diverse, is it not possible to designate all.