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Error diagnosis / Repair of automotive electronics

Electrical and electronics in the commercial vehicle

We are specialists in engine management, transmission, retarder, brakes and suspension in commercial vehicle electrics and electronics. Vehicle programming is carried out by our trained professionals with appropriate hardware and software.

With the increase of electronics in the vehicle, the work of the mechanics / mechatronics is becoming increasingly complicated. Each car manufacturer has developed its special test equipment. This is not profitable for the free market. A universal solution for all types is needed. As a free workshop, we have such a universal electronic diagnostic system of the company Texa, which is independent brands. Thus we have the possibility of electronic failure analysis on a wide range of manufacturers.

This is vital for the wealth of built-up electronics in modern vehicles. Today, many errors are no longer detectable visually or mechanical in nature. The periodic maintenance, service intervals and the maturity of the notes on the functioning of the various systems that are now installed in the vehicles, the driver only displayed on special lights. With our diagnostic system, we are able to read the ECU and thus to determine the errors reported by the system, or to delete them after maintenance and repairs, the indicator lights and error.

We have all the important diagnostic equipment (dump):

  • Texa Truck & Trailer Texa Diagnosis ( Universal Diagnosis ),
  • Wabco PC-Diagnosis for EBS, ABS, ECAS,
  • Haldex PC-Diagnosis for EBS+, ABS,
  • DINEX for particle filter,


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