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August Bischoff Friedrich Bischoff Gustav Bischoff Friedrich Bischoff Hartmut Bischoff
1853 heute

The Bischoff Company was founded in Stassfurt in 1853 as a family-run smiting works, and it has remained in the ownership of the Bischoff family through to today.

Over time the business developed and expanded, becoming a mid-sized production and trading operation with a large store,
modern manufacturing plant and an attached car workshop.

Production was expanded in 2 stages, in 2000 and again in 2009, to form a covered production area totaling around 8,000m², and today it encompasses a wide range of products.

These range from small 25 x 4 engineering springs for machine construction to engineering springs and plate springs for agriculture, carriages, transporters and trucks to leaf springs and parabolic springs for rail vehicles.

Today, we are the only remaining spring manufacturer in eastern Germany for heat-formed leaf springs for mid-size and small series manufacture, whilst also being able to produce one-off parts based on models or drawings.

We are initial suppliers to various vehicle and machine constructors. Continuous checks and company certification ensures that we produce consistently good products of high quality.

In our 1,000 m² of store area, we permanently stock around 10,000 different items for our customers.

We hold spare parts for electrical and pneumatic systems, for hydraulics, brakes and running gear, etc. Our range of products also includes windshields, chemicals (anti-freeze, oils and lubricants), batteries and much, much more.

Our couriers ensure speedy dispatch of your orders within the local area. We also ship our products Germany-wide via overnight delivery services, parcel delivery services or using freight forwarders.

Our independent vehicle workshop for utility vehicles, transporters, trailers, semitrailers, mobile homes etc. is ideally equipped for the demands of servicing and repairing today’s vehicles.
We offer specialist welding (including of aluminum), and are therefore able to undertake even relatively extensive work to the vehicle frame or body.
Our trained personnel are experienced both in traditional mechanics and in using electronic fault diagnostics – nowadays an indispensible tool for the engineer.

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