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Service for Loading platforms and Crane

We are specialists in Loading platforms and offer the service for Dautel, Zepro, Dhollandia or Bär and are partners of MBB and Sörensen.

Our service for Loading platforms and cranes:

  • Maintenance and Repair,
  • Repair of electrical and hydraulic controls,
  • Attachment to all appropriate manufacturers,
  • Modification by appointment,
  • UVV Inspection BRG500 / VBG14,
  • Spare parts and accessories,

All platform lifts and cranes must be depending on the type and use regularly checked. These inspection intervals may be longer than 1 year. We carry out the statutory UVV-Inspections.


Bischoff Federnwerk und Nutzfahrzeugteile GmbH
Tel.: 03925/960660
Fax.: 03925/960663
Mail: werkstatt@federnwerk-bischoff.de