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Refurbishment Truck- and Car-Springs

If your vehicle is standing unevenly, if the weight is loaded onto one axle, if the handling is too soft or too hard, if it needs shorter springs because the chassis has been shortened (e.g. on tow trucks), or for many other reasons – you’ve come to the right place!

We'd be pleased to advise you!

If a layer has broken on your springs or the bushes have worn, you don’t need to buy a new spring. We can repair your springs, at affordable cost.

We offer:

- Repair and reworking of all types of leaf springs and parabolic springs (where this is technically possible and makes economic sense)

- Strengthening/up weighting or down weighting, on request, incl. spring characteristics for presentation to vehicle testing agencies (TÜV, Dekra etc.)

   - NO “ABE” ! - In some circumstances, a manufacturer’s declaration of recognition as a safe product is required in order for the part to be registered
   - To clarify the technical safety of the vehicle (behavior under braking, chassis under heavier loads, etc.), you should contact the manufacturer in advance.

-Lengthening or shortening springs

   - Rolling in main layers or manufacturing new, longer main layers
   - Adjusting the overall graduation
   - Relocating or remanufacturing spring clips, etc.

- Visual refurbishing up and testings

   - Shot blasting, blasting for cleaning
   - Testing for cracks
   - Grinding
   - Surface coatings (rust-proofing base coat, galvanization, chroming, etc.)

Replacement of individual components (leaves in the spring, bushes, center bolt)