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Materials tests

Today’s quality requirements mean it is essential to be able to demonstrate particular materials properties as part of quality assurance and when issuing EN 10204-compliant acceptance certificates. In many cases, the batch certificate for the input material is often not sufficient on its own. So firstly, we monitor the material throughout the entire production process, from goods entry through processing to delivery. Secondly, material testing is conducted repeatedly over the course of manufacture, as an essential part of quality assurance.
Depending on the quality requirements, we can offer the following tests, amongst others:

   - Magnetic powder test (MT),
   - Ultrasound test (UT),
   - Penetration test (PT),
   - Hardness testing - Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers,
   - Spectrum analysis of ferrous materials,
   - Creating micrographs to determine decarburization depth,