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Leaf springs / Parabolic springs

We manufacture heat-formed leaf springs and parabolic springs for utility vehicles, rail vehicles and for uses in agriculture, machine construction, etc.

The Leaf spring is the classic spring, as fitted earlier in all vehicles. It is characterized by a consistently regular leaf thickness of the individual layers, which press against each other over the full length of the spring. This also gives the leaf spring/trapezoid spring its good internal damping. Over many years, the leaf spring has proven to be a robust, cost-favorable and easy-to-repair spring, and today it is still found mainly on construction site vehicles (tip trucks) and on agricultural vehicles.

As requirements in the transport field have shifted more towards flexibility and comfort of travel, the leaf spring has been continuously further developed. The outcome of this development was the parabolic spring.

With a Parabolic spring the individual layers are rolled out to form a parabola. The dimensions are adjusted depending on the load on the spring. The thickness of the spring varies, thereby achieving optimally constant distribution of tension. A parabolic spring is lighter overall, and has fewer layers than a comparable leaf spring, but it has a softer response characteristic on lighter loads and therefore offers more comfortable suspension. The parabolic spring is an essential part of the modern world of springs.