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The vehicle is crooked, hangs on an axle, is too soft, is too hard, has to get shorter springs due to a frame shortening (e.g. with tow trucks) and much more. – With us you are right!

We are happy to help!

If a leaf of your spring is broken or the bushings are worn out, you do not have to buy a new spring. We repair your springs on fair terms.

We offer you:

  • Repair and reconditioning of leaf springs and parabolic springs of all kinds (as far as technically possible and economically profitable)
  • Reinforcements / loads and loads on request including spring characteristics for submission to the TÜV or Dekra
  • NO ABE! – possibly a manufacturer’s declaration of no objection is necessary in order to have an entry made
  • To clarify the technical safety for the vehicle (braking behavior, frame with higher payload . . .), you should contact the manufacturer in advance
  • Extend or shorten springs
  • Roll up the main layers or make new, longer main layers
  • Adjustment of the overall scale
  • Moving or re-manufacturing spring clips and much more
  • Optical refurbishments and tests
  • Shot blasting, cleaning blasting
  • Crack tests
  • grind
  • Surface coatings (rust protection, galvanizing, chrome plating …)
  • Replacement of individual components (spring leaves, bushes, heart bolts)

Bischoff Federnwerk und
Nutzfahrzeugteile GmbH

Am Silberfeld 1
D-39418 Staßfurt

fon: (03925) 960 602
fax: (03925) 960 650