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Today’s quality requirements require that we can confirm certain material properties as part of quality assurance and the creation of acceptance test certificates in accordance with EN 10204.

The batch certificate of the raw material alone is often not sufficient. On the one hand, we monitor the material throughout the entire manufacturing process, from goods receipt and hardening process to delivery. On the other hand material tests are carried out again and again while production. This is essential for quality assurance.

Depending on the quality requirements, we can offer the following tests:

– Magnetic powder test (MT)

– Ultrasonic test (UT)

– Penetration test (PT)

– Hardness test Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers

– Spectral analysis in the field of ferrous materials

 – Creation of micrographs to determine the depth of decarburization

Hardness measurement Brinell

Microstructure with material defects

Parabolic spring with crack indicators during MT-testing

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