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When was the spring produced?

Which batch of raw material was used?

Which acceptance test certificate belongs to this spring?

For example, what was the result of the non-destructive testing?


These questions can only be answered if there is a possibility of traceability!


In times of Industry 4.0 the identification and traceability from the finished product back through the manufacturing steps to the raw material is becoming increasingly important for our products and services. However, the attachment of QR codes or laser engravings is not always possible with hot formed springs or forgings. Nevertheless it is also possible to trace each part back to the raw material batch by marking the spring or its components.

Even when maintening / repairing railway springs traceability to the corresponding acceptance test certificate is possible, since the spring bracked is marked with embossments. However, most drawings do not include this traceability option to this day – so please contact us so that we can find a solution for your requirements together.





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