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We produce hot formed leaf springs and parabolic springs for commercial vehicles, trains and for use in agriculture, mechanical engineering and much more.

The leaf spring is the classic spring as it was previously installed in all vehicles. It is characterized by constant leaf thicknesses of the individual layers, which touch the entire length of the spring. As a result, the leaf spring / trapezoidal spring also has good damping. Over the years, the leaf spring has asserted itself as a robust, inexpensive and easy-to-repair spring and is still mainly used today on construction site vehicles or in agriculture.

Since the requirements in the transport sector have shifted more towards flexibility and driving comfort, the leaf spring has been continuously developed. The result was the parabolic spring.

In a parabolic spring, the individual layers are rolled out parabolically. The dimensions are adjusted according to the load on the spring. The thickness of the spring varies and thus achieves an optimally constant stress distribution.

A parabolic spring is lighter overall and has fewer spring leaves than a comparable leaf spring, but has a softer response behavior with less load and thus springs more comfortably. The parabolic spring has become indispensable in today’s world of springs.



Bischoff Federnwerk und
Nutzfahrzeugteile GmbH

Am Silberfeld 1
D-39418 Staßfurt

fon: (03925) 960 602
fax: (03925) 960 650