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small power packs

Whether in wagon buffers, in mechanical engineering or for damping vibrations in buildings –
Evolut springs (also called buffer springs or truncated cone springs) can be used in a variety of ways.

They have a high level of damping and offer high forces in a small space. They are compact and a powerful alternative to conventional insulation options. This is the reason why the Evolut spring is preferred to the spiral spring / compression spring in many areas of mechanical engineering or in the railway sector.



Evolut springs are determined by their dimensions Di (upper inner diameter), Da (lower outer diameter) and H (unloaded height). In addition, if known, the specification of the maximum force or a force and a required height. With this information, we can determine a suitable spring for your intended use from the hundreds of possible variants.

We manufacture Evolut springs according to dimensions / force specifications or samples from dimensions from 15×0.8 to 200×15 in the following dimensions:

Di: from 15 mm to approx. 100 mm

Da: from 50 mm to approx. 260mm

H: from 60 mm to approx. 300 mm


The combination of Di, H, number of turns and material cross-section determines the minimum possible outer diameter of the spring and the forces.

An overview of the standard tolerances and the measurement can be found here or in our download area.


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