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Bogie springs on rail vehicles must be checked and serviced at regular intervals. There are clear rules how and when to do this. We offer you tests and repairs of rail vehicle springs e.g. according to VPI 05 or your specific requirements.

An overview of our processing services:

Leaf spring:

  •     Testing,
  •     Labelling,
  •     Repair,
  •     Replacement of components,

Parabolic springs:

  •     Testing,
  •     Labelling,
  •     Repair,
  •     Replacement of components,

Compression springs:

  •     Testing,
  •     Labelling,
  •     no new production,


What is checked, when do you have to repair it?

Leaf springs and parabolic springs are tested for:

  •     cracks and breaks in the spring leaves,
  •     corrosion scars and thermal damage,
  •     notches and grooves in the spring leaves,
  •     torn, broken or loose spring bracked,
  •     displacement of the spring leaves,
  •     adherence to the given factory limits, e.g. Heights, lifting heights or gap dimensions for leaf springs

Parabolic springs are also checked for:

  •     cracked, broken, shifted or missing driving and / or nose wedges,
  •     cracked or broken weld between the driving wedge and the spring collar,
  •     fanned out spring leaves, in which the groove and rib no longer guide,

If one of the cases applies or the springs do not match the factory limits, they must be refurbished.

Compression springs are checked for:

  •     Broken spouts,
  •     Corrosion scars,
  •     Chafe marks – crookedness,
  •     apparently unequal turns,
  •     Traces of thermal stress and impact points – compliance with the specified load heights and heights according to the   specifications of the drawing or VPI05 and RIL984.500,

If one of the cases applies or the load heights do not match, the compression spring must be scrapped. The measurements and tests are carried out exclusively with calibrated and approved measuring equipment.



Bischoff Federnwerk und
Nutzfahrzeugteile GmbH

Am Silberfeld 1
D-39418 Staßfurt

fon: (03925) 960 602
fax: (03925) 960 650